Ask MyMomShops: Infant Sushi Costume

Dear MyMomShops,

Please help me find the perfect baby sushi costume for Purim… Most of those I have seen are only for summer (consisting of a onesie with some glommed on version of a shrimp carcass) or are extremely amateur. Any ideas?

Talya, mom of 4 boys, Brooklyn, NY.

Hi T! Yes, I have the perfect find for you. Take a look at this Sushi Baby Halloween Costume ($40, ages 3 mos through 18 mos) by the Etsy shop The Wishing Elephant. It was even featured on the Martha Stewart show last year! Let me know how it turns out. Love, MyMomShops

Update from T: “I’m thrilled with the costume, it’s even cuter than in the picture because it’s very textural (the panels in the shrimp are a little raised, so it’s look like more than just a 2D image). The woman who makes them, Carolyn Caffelle, was also a doll to work with — I communicated with her through Etsy and she answered all my questions patiently. Ultimately I ended up ordering the wrong size for some reason, which cost less than what I had orginally wanted, so I underpaid at first. But Carolyn went ahead and mailed the correct costume and let me send the differential as a check to her home address ‘at my leisure.’ What a sweetheart!”

Want to order a costume from Carolyn? Contact her through The Wishing Elephant.

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