Easy Bed-Making

I just received a sample of a new bedding product called Zipit Bedding, which bills itself “The World’s 1st All-In-One Zippered Bedding.” Perhaps you saw Zipit bedding at its Zulily sale a few weeks ago. Invented by two moms (of course), Zipit Bedding connects the essential pieces of bed-making (a fitted sheet and comforter) using zippers to form one easy-to-use unit (which also inclues two handy zippered side pockets where kids can store everything from an iPod to a retainer). Each kit also includes a zippered/reversible pillowcase. So the whole unit zips up as easily as a sleeping bag, yet is designed both to fit a mattress easily and to look like regular bedding. I tried it out and was pretty impressed. Of course, my first thought was that this would be great for stomach bugs–I don’t have to tell you what it’s like changing sheets at 3am when your child is sick. But, of course, this is also handy for sleepovers or visits to Grandma. Zipit Bedding reatils for $59.99 for twin or $69.99 for full, in your choice of pink or blue (reversible patterns to solids). Buy it at Zipit Bedding.

Disclosure: I was given a sample of Zipit Bedding for this review. I was not compensated for this post and all views expressed here are entirely my own.

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