From the Archives: 5 Board Books Your Toddler Will Love

Editor’s note: This post originally ran in June 2011.

My post about our family’s favorite board books for boys still gets a lot of traffic, so I wanted to write one about board books that both my daughter and son enjoyed as toddlers. Each of these books is at least several years old (some are old classics and some have become new classics) and is available at You can often get 4-for-3 deals on board books, so a stack of these tied with a ribbon makes an easy and affordable gift.

I Like It When . . . ($6.95) by Mary Murphy. A baby penguin enjoys favorite activities–holding hands, dancing, and even trying new foods–under the loving eye of his parent/caregiver.

Here Are My Hands ($7.95) by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault. A sweet, simple book about a child’s body parts (face, hands, feet, etc.) with delightful illustrations and gentle, rhyming text.

Let’s Play ($6.99) by Leo Lionni. Always a favorite author, Lionni crafts a short, simple story about all the activities two little mice might enjoy, from climbing a tree to playing dress-up to reading a book.

Mama, Do You Love Me? ($6.99) by Barbara M. Joosse. A beautifully-illustrated telling of a classic message–that a mother will always love her child no matter what limits they push (“What if I put salmon in your parka … and ermine in your mukluks?”).

From Head to Toe ($7.99) by Eric Carle. You can’t ever go wrong with Carle, but my kids particularly enjoyed watching (and mimicking) along the illustrated characters as they copy monkeys waving their arms, giraffes bending their necks, and more.

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