A Treat from Sky of Blue Cards

I’ve met the nicest people from year to year at the National Stationery Show, including the designer behind Sky of Blue Cards. Her name is Karla Ebrahimi and she just sent me the loveliest pre-show gift–a set of brand new letterpress notecards. I love everything about these cards–how she wrapped them, the packaging, and of course the letterpress design itself.  Oh, and Karla makes that adorable cupcake wrapping paper, too.  Take a look at all the goodies for sale at her site, Sky of Blue Cards.

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  2. Miguel says:

    I love Papercrafts magazine and have been for many years even thgouh I don’t subscribe to it anymore and buy it when I can due to being a Single mom and my budget. I still love the layouts and instructions and all that good stuff including the blogs on the internet and I became a fan on FB too! I love stamping and making cards and I do it for ministry now too why waste a talent and use it for good besides for family and friends!I am new the God to Gals but I love the blog!!!!! You are hilarious and now the Moxie girls..lol but you are all so wonderful and humorous and creative team I am proud to know you and the magazine!!!!!

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