Chasing Fireflies More Cheaply: Spring 2012

One of the most popular Google searches that leads people to my blog is their quest to find better deals on the gorgeous clothing from the posh Chasing Fireflies catalog. I’m not surprised–I search for the same. Chasing Fireflies is a beautifully curated collection of trendy kids’ clothing, but, oh my, the prices. A while ago I posted about how to find Chasing Fireflies items cheaper. I’m proud to present my Spring 2012 edition doing the same:

Here are some items that I’ve identified for you (Chasing Fireflies is notorious for not divulging the brands of its clothing) and, wherever possible, found even a few dollars cheaper:

1. This Hello Kitty Striped Dress ($78 at Chasing Fireflies) is by Misha Lulu and can be found at My Lil Darlings Boutique for $72 instead.

2. You know all of those cute birthday tees you see at Chasing Fireflies for upwards of $40 or so? You can get very similar shirts on Etsy, such as at the shop Flyduds, for less than half that price.

3. This sailor girl tee ($34) and navy button shorts ($34) are adorable; I found this Sailor Girl Tunic and Shorts which is nearly identical (same exact shorts, slightly different shirt) at CWD Kids ($32 each for piece–plus CWD Kids often sends coupon codes to email subscribers or posts them on its Facebook Page).

4. One reader asked me about this Sunset Dipped Dress ($74 at Chasing Fireflies). I can’t find the exact dress elsewhere, but I did locate a very close substitute by LA Made at Juvie Shop (on sale for $39.95, size 8 remains)

5. Like the Cardboard lemonade stand at Chasing Fireflies? It costs an astounding $78 (plus another $28 for the decals). You’ll have to sell a lot of lemonade to cover those costs. Get a very similar one for $54.99 at here on Ebay. Or, better yet, just use a cardtable or your own cardboad box. Much, much cheaper and just as much fun, I promise.

How about you? Have you located any items by Chasing Fireflies for cheaper elsewhere? Let us know in the comments!

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