5 Top Trends at the National Stationery Show

I loved spotting trends as I browsed the aisles at the National Stationery Show. Here are 5 that jumped out at me–neon colors, needlepoint graphics, gold foil, cards vs. email, and chevron. Have you started noticing these too?

Trend #1: Neon. Everywhere I looked I saw neon green, yellow, orange and pink. I love this trend which brings a dash of 1980s style to modern stationery.

“You are My Sunshine” by Two Paper Dolls

Letterpress cards by Haute Papier

Pops of pink and yellow by Printerette

Trend #2: Needlepoint. Even if you aren’t that crafty yourself, you can enjoy a needlepoint vibe with these letterpress cards:

Wedding invitation by Printerette

Boxed notecards by Pistachio Press

Trend #3: Everything is turning to gold. . . foil, that is. These gold embellishments add extra sparkle to already pretty stationery products.

Notecards with foil initial by Fig 2 Design

Gold foil accent notebooks by Kate & Birdie


Wedding invitation suite by Double Bravo Designs

Trend #4: Stationery vs. E-mail.  Stationery folks are, obviously, vocal for their preference for the hand-written versus the emailed word. These cards encourage (and gently poke fun at) those who might prefer the latter.

Headline style thank-yous by Old Tom Foolery

Kraft paper thank-yous by 9 Spot Monk


Trend #5: Chevron.  It started making waves (or shall, I say, zig-zags) last year and it’s here to stay for a while more. Here are some favorites:

“Fabrinery” Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitations by HB Designs

Cheery notebooks by May Books

Gift tags by Evy Jacob

Letterpress coasters by Haute Papier

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