Please Support Us in the YAI Central Park Challenge

I showed you these photos once before, and I want to remind you of their significance. My mom snapped these Baby S. taking his first steps (from his physical therapist Alyssa to me) in November 2007. It was the culmination of months of physical therapy for him (he was referred to Early Intervention at age 7 months when he could not not sit, hold his head up during tummy time, roll over, or reach for toys). Alyssa was one of his first therapists from a NYC organization called YAI, which had also provided therapies for his big sister when she was in Early Intervention too. Alyssa is one of many professionals who has worked tirelessly with my children over the years to help them meet their milestones–even before the doctors predicted they would. These photos have additional poignancy for me because this joyous moment of pride and accomplishment happened at an otherwise dark time–just 10 days after I had become a single mother. I was so grateful to Alyssa for helping S. meet this huge goal. . and she knew just how much it meant to me especially at that time. All of which is a long way of saying that I hope you will join me again this year as I participate in the June 2nd YAI Central Park Challenge to support children with disabilities, and their families. I have written before about my personal involvement with YAI and you can read more of our story on our personal fundraising page. This year I am especially excited that my sister is joining me, too, and running her very first 5k! We are getting close to my $1000 fundraising goal. Won’t you please consider donating even just $5 to help me reach my goal, and to support programs and professionals who bring hope to children with developmental delays and disabilities? Please visit this page to donate.

My children and I thank you in advance for your support and generosity!

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  1. alyssa says:

    i’m STILL so proud, and it’s nearly 5 years later! go, big boy S! and go YAI!

    alyssa, the physical therapist 🙂

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