Proud of His Progress

I didn’t get to post this yesterday (which was my sister’s actual birthday), but I wanted to show you the “card” that S. (age 5 1/2 years) made for her. As you know, S. has been attending a special education school (he has apraxia of speech, expressive and receptive language delays, fine and gross motor delays, and “processing” problems). I am floored by the amazing progress he has made. I’ll tell you another time about his reading (!!!) but here I wanted to brag, if I may, about his handwriting. This was a kid who was wayyyy behind on earlier milestones such as even “basic” scribbling or holding onto a crayon. With the help of OT in Early Intervention as a toddler and preschooler–plus an amazing OT in his school now–he is now able to write this card for his aunt. I helped him spell “Happy” but all the other spellings are, incredibly, his very own. “Hocke” stands for “Hockie” which is what my kids call my sister. Her real name is Erika, but “Hockie” is how R. pronounced it as a baby 8 years ago, and the nickname has stuck.

The other images on the card are, in S’s words, “a heart (copied from me), a smile face, and a person (the yellow block).”

My sister is the proudest aunt ever, and has herself become a wonderful advocate for children with special needs. I have a feeling this was one of her favorite birthday cards ever.

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  2. Tzivia Reiter says:

    I have been following your blog for a while, and I enjoy it. I recently saw this post from the Friendship Circle, and thought I would share it with you (Although you seem to be a rather resourceful parent, and probably know about many of these resources already).

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