Remember the “Baby Joey” Doll?

Last year I attended a blogger breakfast for Goldberger Toys and we had a discussion about anatomically correct dolls (ugh, the Google searches that will lead people here…). The toy company has anatomically correct baby boy and girl dolls which are designed to aid with toilet training. The president of Goldberger told me that, actually, anatomically correct dolls don’t sell very well here in the U.S. (remember, we’re not as progressive about nudity and body image as Europeans are). I remembered that in 1975 (when I was 3 years old), I had a “correct” Joey Stivic doll that was manufactured to commemorate the December 1975 birth of Archie Bunker’s grandson on All In The Family. Manufactured by the Ideal Toys Corp., the “Joey doll” was the very first anatomically correct doll to be made and sold in America. And, perhaps, unsurprisingly, it caused an uproar when it was sold–apparently, people thought it was inappropriate. Not my parents. They bought my one and my sister and I delighted in making him “pee” by pouring water into his mouth and watching it come out, well, you know. We even bought him newborn sized diapers. And you know what? It was good training for when I had my newborn son thirty-one years later.

Want to own this piece of TV’s past? There are several Joey dolls for sale on Ebay.

Images courtesy of That 70s Shoppe.

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