Calendar Keepsake Jewelry

I want to share another find from Zulily this week. It’s commemorative jewelry by “Not Just Any Old Day” and it’s a unique take on traditional “mommy jewelry.” You can get necklace or bracelet versions of these calendar key charms where a sparkly Swarovski crystal marks a special date (such as your child’s birth or your wedding anniversary). They’re available in both antique silver and antique brass; a calendar key necklace costs $35 (50% off the retail price of $70). Buy it at Zulily.

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3 Responses to Calendar Keepsake Jewelry

  1. Tamara says:

    I bought this last time it was on zulily – the one with just the calendar – it is soooo nice!! i get so many compliments. They also accomodated me and put 3 stones in one month since all my kids are born in January. Excellent customer service, excellent product!

  2. mymomshops says:

    Tamara- thanks, that is so good to know! My kids are both August so I want to do the same! Joanna

  3. Michele says:

    If you purchase through Zulily and would like your calendar charms marked with 2 days within the same month just email us at and we are happy to accomodate you.

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