My New Venture

I have some big news to announce. Today I launched Special Kids NYC, a consulting service and website for parents of children with special needs. It’s the only NYC consulting service offering the following 1) private consultations for parents of children with special needs 2) a dedicated special needs blog and 3) updated news and information via Twitter (@SpecialKidsNYC).

Some questions you may have:

1) Are you continuing MyMomShops? Yes! No worries!

2) Can I have a consultation with you about my child? Even if I live outside of NYC? Yes! Please visit Special Kids NYC for information about scheduling a consultation.

3) Why are you doing this? Because I know how overwhelming and frightening it can be to have a child with special needs. Because I have been there, many times over. And because I am grateful that what I’ve learned over the past decade–through my own education, work experience, and personal experience as a mom–has made it possible for me to make positive changes for my own kids. And I can help you do the same for yours.

Please go visit Special Kids NYC and tell me what you think!


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