From the Archives: Blast from the Past: Sunshine Family Dolls

Editor’s Note: This post first ran in 2010.

While scouring for some vintage toys on Ebay, I found this blast from the past- Sunshine Family dolls. Did you have these? My sister and I had these (in addition to Barbie dolls, of course), and pretended they were the shorter (and less sophisticated) cousins of Barbie and Ken. And their grandparents (second photo). I did a little online research about Sunshine Family dolls and at this kinda nerdy site Doll Reference learned that they were produced between 1974 and 1982 (prime doll-playing years for me and my sister). Seeing these photos from the website takes me right back- I remember every little detail down to the little plastic green baby bottles and teddy bear. Oh, and I remember this- that since our Barbie dolls didn’t have babies of their own, we pretended that “Little Sweets” (the red-headed cherub in the yellow gown) was actually Barbie’s daughter and we made Barbie “carry” her around. Go figure. Anyway, if you have fond memories of Sunshine Family dolls, check out the current selection available for sale at Ebay; you can buy your own Little Sweets with nursery accoutrements for a whopping $119.00 (new in box). I guess I’m not the only one who remembers them fondly.

Photos courtesy of Doll Reference.

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