I’m My Mommy I’m My Daddy

While going through some old boxes at my parents’ house recently, I found my 1979 copy of I’m My Mommy I’m My Daddy, a Golden Book published in conjunction with Sesame Street in the late 1970s. Did any of you have this book, too? It was one of my favorites. Basically it’s two stories that explore what it’s like being a parent (in one story a mommy, in the other a daddy) through the eyes of a child. You flip the book over to read the other story. I remember being riveted by how fun it was to see a child “playing” parent–like when the little girl knew how to comfort her mom when the mom’s balloon drifted away. It’s a sweet concept and one that today’s kids would appreciate just as much. Buy a used copy at Amazon.com.

Photo courtesy of Oopsee Daisies.

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