Chasing Fireflies For Less, Again

Loyal readers of this blog know that I delight in finding the clothing in the gorgeous-but-overpriced Chasing Fireflies catalog for less money elsewhere. Of course, Chasing Fireflies is notorious for not naming its designers, but my eye noticed that its charming printed Home Sweet Homes Dress (listed at $78) appeared, too, in the Garnet Hill Kids catalog where it costs almost $10 less ($69, plus you get free shipping now through August 7th). The dress is by NYC designer Pink Chicken, by the way. The only catch is that the sizing for this particular dress runs higher at Chasing Fireflies, where the dress is available all the way up to size 10 (at Garnet Hill it stops at 4T).

Other options for buying this dress: at Little Luna Blue ($72 through size 10), or My Little Jules ($72 through size 6, plus free shipping).

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