You May Have Lived on the Upper East Side in the 1990s if you…

Today, New York City and I celebrate our 18th anniversary. I moved into my 1st apartment on the Upper East Side on August 18th, 1994,  just after my college graduation.  I’ll always look back nostalgically on that special time in my life in the 1990s…after college, but before marriage and motherhood.  Maybe some of you do, too.  My activities were decidedly different back then, as were my neighborhood haunts.  Fellow New Yorkers, tell me if any of these ring a bell:

You May Have Lived on the Upper East Side in the 1990s if  you….

  • “partied” at Mo’s Caribbean Bar & Grill
  • “partied” some more at Trilogy
  • went on dinner dates at Coconut Grill
  • ate brunch at Googie’s
  • bought pots & pans at Third Avenue Bazaar
  • spotted Mayor Guiliani at Jim McMullen’s
  • bought baby gifts at Ben’s For Kids
  • took the 2nd Avenue bus using actual subway tokens (“transfer, please”)
  • carried quarters so you could make pay phone calls
  • earned approximately $800/month at a museum job (oh wait..that was just me)
  • saw “Clueless” during the heat wave of 1995
  • skied home during the blizzard of 1996
  • saw the fishnet-stockinged UES jogger running…faster than (s)he does now
  • had a dial-up modem in your apartment
  • watched a new show called Friends and wondered just what NYC building they lived in with an apartment that big…
  • read NY Magazine’s Strictly Personals
  • wore baby doll dresses and large sunglasses
  • had a Seinfeld finale party
  • used a cell phone larger than your head
  • lived the life of Charlotte, Samantha, Carrie, or Miranda before they were ever on TV.

Happy Anniversary to my fair city. You’ve been good to me.

Got more NYC memories from the 1990s? I’d love to hear them.  Please share them in the comments.

Photo of Mo’s Caribbean Bar & Grill courtesy of 1000 Bars & Beyond.

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2 Responses to You May Have Lived on the Upper East Side in the 1990s if you…

  1. Veep Veep says:

    So sad Moe’s isn’t there anymore. But the name of the bar that replaced it, is kinda fitting. lol

    PS. I am so thrilled Googie’s isn’t here anymore. Was never much of a fan. Kept going back and kept being disappointed.

  2. mymomshops says:

    Yeah, Googie’s was very overpriced. Then it was Vynl- remember? Now it’s Mxco. You know you’ve lived here a long time when you see 5 incarnations of each restaurant!

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