From the Archives: No-Brainer Emergency Kit

Editor’s Note: This post ran last summer, right before Hurricane Irene.  With Hurricane Sandy due here in a few days, it’s important that New Yorkers check their emergency supplies.  This kit from now costs just $39.00 and with Amazon Prime, you can have it shipped for delivery tomorrow (Saturday) for just a few bucks extra.  Worth the peace of mind.  Stay safe, everyone!

Hurricane Irene is due to hit here in NYC in about 36 hours. Yesterday I fished our old “go bag” (remember that from post-9/11 days?) out of the hall closet. Wow, it had been a long time since I updated it. It had masks, duct tape, latex gloves, expired Cipro (you know, to fight Anthrax), and even baby food jars and size 1 diapers (my kids are now 5 and 8 so this tells you old this stuff is). Luckily, I remembered that last year I also purchased a Quakehold! Grab-‘n-Go Emergency Kit, 2-Person, 3-Day Backpack, a sort of easy-way-out (pun intended) for disaster preparation. For $62.99 you get all of these emergency supplies to sustain 2 people for 3 days: food, water, and emergency blankets, plus a 33-piece First Aid kit, two 12-hour safety light sticks, dust masks, nitrile gloves, emergency whistle, emergency ponchos and pocket tissues. It’s all packaged in a handy backpack. Warning: do not let your children discover this kit, unless you want them parading around in silvery ponchos telling you about all the now “toys” they have found. Ahem. But seriously, it can’t hurt to have this stored in a closet, just in case. Stay safe this weekend, everyone.

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