High & Low: Girls’ Brown Parka

R. needed a new winter coat and told me she wanted a brown parka. I did a search online and found this beautiful Quilted Down Parka at Jacadi Paris. Not surprisingly for Jacadi, it costs $229 (definitely out of my budget).

But when I searched some more, I found this nearly identical Hawke & Co Girls “Gunnison” Long Parka at Cookie’s Kids. This coat, while not down, still looks cozy and costs far less ($49.99, sizes 7 – 16).

Of course, when I showed both options to R., she didn’t like either, and told me firmly she wants a “short coat, not one like a dress.”

So we ended up with this North Face Reversible Down Moondoggy Jacket Instead. I comparison shopped till I found the best price at Campmor, where it’s on sale for $129.98 (regularly $149, size S-XL).

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