The Shape of Things at Minted (and 15% off Holiday Cards)

You know that as a stationery-phile I am somewhat obsessed with holiday cards.  I chose my cards this year already (yes, they have already arrived for me to address…don’t hate me) from Minted.  I’ll reveal them in a later post.  I am totally in love with them.

But in the meantime I wanted to point out just one thing I adore at Minted this year:  the new die-cut shapes.  Remember when all holiday cards had boring straight edges? Then we started seeing some with rounded edges.  Now, thanks to Minted, there’s a plethora of other options, too.  While other stationery sites have beautiful graphics, too, only Minted so far offers these die-cut shapes.  Here are some of my favorites (note each one is available with several different types of edges–I’m just showing you my favorite versions):

From Minted’s holiday cards , I like Peace Love and Joy Branches Holiday Photo Cards ($100 for 50, with curved frame edge) and Merry Modern Holiday Photo Cards ($100 for 50, with scalloped dots edge).

These beautiful edges are also available with Minted’s pretty personalized Stationery.  I like Paris + Vintage Ribbon Personalized Stationery ($35 for 15, with oval scalloped edge) and Honeycomb Notes Personalized Stationery ($35 for 15, with curved frame edge).

If you’re lucky to be welcoming a new baby this holiday season, you can also enjoy these shapes with Minted’s Birth Announcements (most cost about $100 for 50).  I can’t even pick a favorite-  I love all of these.

I’ll be sharing more of my top picks of Minted’s holiday photo cards soon.  Also browse its lovely Gift Guide, featuring everything from calendars to wall art to photo gifts.

Through this Thursday, November 22nd at Minted, enjoy 15% off holiday card orders of $150+ or 10% off holiday card orders of $100+ with code FALL100.

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