A Must-Read for Kate (& Other Moms of Boys)

Note: This is a review I first posted in 2007. I still love this book. And I bet that the Duchess of Cambridge would appreciate it, too.  If you’re attending a baby shower for a mom expecting a boy, this also makes a great gift.  It’s still available at Amazon.com.  


I devoured this book of essays, It’s a Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons(edited by Andrea Buchanan) during my 2nd pregnancy. I was so thrilled that I was having a boy this time (I felt I had hit the jackpot- 2 healthy kids and the proverbial “1 of each”). But I also felt a little nervous, since I grew up the younger of two sisters and really felt I knew very little about what makes little boys tick. The editor of this anthology (also the mother of a firstborn girl, then a boy) marveled at the responses people gave her during her 2nd pregnancy, like “Boys are wonderful,” “Boys are so much better than girls,” and “Boys love their mothers differently than girls.” She decided to compile this collection of essays- with help from fellow writers and mothers- to explore the experience of mothering boys. The essays tackle topics ranging from aggression, to raising a teenage boy, to hoping for a girl but having a boy. Some essays are funny, some are poignant, and all are enlightening. I highly recommend it for those moms who are raising (or expecting) a little boy. Now that my little guy is 8 months old, I can personally attest that raising a boy is every bit as amazing and intriguing as raising a girl. Buy It’s a Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons at Amazon.com for $11.17.

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