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lyfekitchenLike many New Yorkers, I am often in a rush and don’t get to cook dinner as often as I want to. But take-out can be expensive–and fattening. So I was curious when offered the opportunity to try out a new food company, LYFE KITCHEN (Love Your Food Everyday), which delivers frozen gourmet meals to your doorstep.  These are far from your typical frozen foods–the chefs behind the company include innovative masters of healthy eating such as Tal Ronnen and John Mitcheley.  The meals are low in sodium and are free of any artificial ingredients or trans fats.  Each is less than 500 calories.   I received a couple of sample meals including a Farmer’s Market Frittata for breakfast and Chicken Chile Verde with polenta & black beans (shown above) for dinner.  I prepared these in my microwave as instructed in LYFE’s exclusive, patent-pending paper pouch (supposedly similar to the classic French “en papillote” technique but to me it seemed more like an upscale microwave popcorn bag!)  My opinion:  The food was tasty and filling but a bit on the spicy side for me (this is one of my peeves about low calorie foods–sometimes they overdo it on the spices).  But, in a pinch, these would be a satisfying and easy alternative to much less healthy options.  And LYFE meals are reasonably priced–just this morning I spotted some of the entrees in a local Gristede’s supermarket for about $5 each.  They’re available in supermarkets nationwide as well as Costco, Amazon and HSN, and in the NYC area via Fresh Direct, Gristedes, Shoprite, Stop & Shop, Morton Williams and Gourmet Garage.  For more information, visit LYFE KITCHEN.

Disclosure: I received 3 sample LYFE KITCHEN meals for purposes of this review.  All opinions are, as always, entirely my own.  

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