Throwback Thursday: Baby You Can Drive My Cah

Editor’s Note: This post first ran in November 2008. These shirts are still available at Temporary Language.

My 27-month-old son doesn’t say many words yet; he receives PROMPT therapy four times per week for a possible speech disorder. We hang on each of his new, adorable, not-quite-fully-pronounced words! One of his favorite words is “cah” for “car.” I am thrilled to celebrate this with his new “Translation Tee” by Temporary Language. The people behind this site had the clever idea to immortalize your toddler’s “temporary language” by pairing your child’s pronunciation along with a picture. You can get ideas from their photo gallery or they can work with you to custom-design a tee if your toddler’s vocabulary is especially unusual! They’ll even add your child’s name and age, as they did with S’s shirt above. The shirts themselves are fantastic 100% cotton, wash really well, and start at $30.

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