The Tooth Fairy is Coming Soon


As a sentimental type of mom, I pay a lot of attention to traditions like the Tooth Fairy. My daughter, who turns 10 soon, already knows the “truth”, but still likes to play along (and even likes to play Tooth Fairy for her 7-year-old brother, who has only lost his bottom two teeth so far). I’ve always wanted to buy them personalized tooth fairy pillows, but I saw too many cute choices to ever decide. But since S’s top two teeth have started wobbling, I knew I needed to act fast. I chose these handmade felt personalized Tooth Fairy pillows that I spotted at the Etsy shop Hilly House. I like how sweet and simple they look, yet are still “special” enough to merit an upgrade from little store-bought tooth keepers. And, of course, my kids love items personalized with their names. These little pillows measure 6″ square and have tooth-shaped pockets on front. You get to choose the color felt and embroidery–I choose olive green with pink for R. and turquoise blue with red for S. (and look how nicely wrapped they arrived, too!). ¬†Buy them for $15 each at Hilly House.

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