A Photo Gift for my Daughter from Duane Reade

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As a photo gift junkie and a Duane Reade VIP Blogger, I’m pleased to tell you about the Duane Reade holiday gifts you can create using your own photos.  These are great keepsake gifts for every member of the family–including your kids.

With Hanukkah arriving so early this year, I used this “shoppertunity” to create a keepsake photo gift for my 10-year-old daughter R.  Remember I told you recently how she sang a solo at her school’s concert?  I decided to create a photo keepsake gift to give her to remember that special evening.

There’s a variety of photo gifts that can be create in Duane Reade and they’re easy to put together, whether you choose to do using the Duane Reade app or in-store at a photo kiosk like this:


I chose the “Board Finish Collage” ($19.99) from among the Same Day options at the kiosk.  I planned to hang it on my daughter’s bedroom wall.  As you can see, there are many options available on short notice, from collage prints to reusable adhesive posters to canvas prints, and the prices are very reasonable–most gifts are under $20:


You can customize these gifts in so many ways, from selecting your photos (my product would accommodate up to 20 photos but I used 5), backgrounds, colors, fonts, and even extra clip art to add some pizzazz.  Here is my finished product which I picked up at the store shortly afterwards.  I knew my daughter would love it!


I wrapped my daughter’s gift, along with a gift for my son, and put them in our kitchen “Thanksgivukah” display:


As you can see from the top photo, she loved it!  I was really pleased because sometimes (like most tweens) she makes fun of anything sentimental, but this was an occasion that meant a lot to her and I think she was touched and proud that I had turned into into this keepsake for her.  She excitedly put it up on her bedroom wall and I am glad that she will wake up to see it every day:


Want to create a photo gift for your own kids this holiday season?  Visit your local Duane Reade location to get started!


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