Lucky Seven

Somehow it snuck up on me that today, January 17th, is the 7th birthday (or “blogiversary”) of MyMomShops.  Wow.  That is like 40 in human years–a fact that I am actually quite proud of.  MyMomShops has come a long way since I first started writing it as the mom of a newborn son and a three-year-old daughter (read how MyMomShops got its start here in Time Out NY Kids).  I’ve picked up thousands of readers along the way and I’m now one of the “industry tastemakers” who judges the Baby & Child division of the NY Now gift fair.  My kids (now ages 7 and 10) I have a blast testing out products and attending events–we are so grateful for these opportunities.

Social media, too, has changed since 2007.  Now we’re on Twitter, Pinterest, and, most recently, Instagram too.  Come join us there!

Thanks again for a great 7 years.  Many of you tell me you’ve been reading since the very start…a HUGE thank you to all of you.  I hope I continue to be one of your stops in the blogosphere.  I love what I do here and am glad that you enjoy it, too.   And, as always, I welcome your feedback.

p.s. Want to see a blast from the past? Check out our posts from our very first month back in 2007.  You may recognize some now-familiar brands.

Vintage marquis lights at Etsy.

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