Stuffed Animal Art

stuffed-animal-artAs a sentimental mom, I love unique takes on “keepsake” artwork, like Stuffed Animal Art, a NYC husband-and-wife company that turns a photograph of your child’s favorite lovey or stuffed animal into an original fine art painting.  What a sweet way to immortalize your child’s beloved friend before he/she turns gray after years of use–I should know because my daughter’s beloved “Blankie” turns 10 this month and is decidedly gray rather than its original pink! Stuffed Animal Art celebrates the security and comfort provided by this special bond between children and their “fond friends.” For a flat fee of $225, you’ll get your original commissioned 8 x 10 painting set in 11 x 14″ matting within 2 weeks. Check out Stuffed Animal Art’s gallery to see some fantastic examples.

Stuffed Animal Art, as you might imagine, is a company with heart. When I approached them about donating a custom painting to the auction at my son’s special education school, they immediately replied “yes”. So one of my son’s schoolmates is in for a special treat to hang on his or her wall. Thank you, Stuffed Animal Art, for your generosity and your commitment to children!

Visit Stuffed Animal Art for more information about ordering a painting for your own child.

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