Throwback Thursday: My 1st Bedroom, c. 1978

Until I was about six years old, I shared a tiny bedroom with my older sister in our Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn apartment. But when we moved to New Jersey right before I started first grade, I got my own bedroom for the 1st time. It was small–I just had a bed, a basket of books & toys, and a small dresser–but it was all mine. And recently my mom found a leftover sheet of the wallpaper I had personally chosen for my new room.  It’s kind of groovy, right?


And even better–I found an old Polaroid photo of me posing in my new room with the new wallpaper, my yellow gingham comforter, and requisite blue shag carpet.  I have such fond memories of this room!

1978-bedroomp.s. Also very 70s’s….my buttoned-up Izod shirt, bell-bottom jeans and Buster Brown shoes.



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