Where You Can Get a Sweater Like Prince George’s

Cambridge_WEB.jpgAs a Royal Family fan, I am of course fawning over the wonderful new photo of Kate, William, and 8-month-old Prince George. There is a lot of talk about the charming personalized pale blue sweater that George is wearing. Apparently it was a handmade gift sent to them personally, so can’t purchased online.  But I think I may have discovered a possible source for who gave them this gift….

Last Fall, the famous Missoni family (yes, the Missoni fashion family) announced the arrival of a new baby boy with a picture of this sweater for him:


Isn’t it awfully similar to George’s sweater?  The neckline, the font, and the color (though the lighting makes George’s sweater appear paler blue).  Perhaps the Missoni’s sent Prince George a sweater just like Otto’s as a baby gift?

Want a sweater like George’s for your own baby boy?  So does everyone else right now!  I think we can expect copy-cats very soon, but in the meantime here are some similar choices:

Personalized Name Sweater ($88, available in light blue) at The Pink Monogram:



Personalized Knit Stars Sweater ($80) at Baby Box:

Personalized Baby Boy Sweater ($51.11) at Etsy:


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