You Need New Makeup, Right?


I admit it.  My first few years as a mom,  I barely bought anything for myself. Clothing? Nah. Make-up? Nah. I was lucky if I was wearing clean sweatpants, a tee shirt, and a scrunchie in my hair.

Gradually, I got my groove back. And now that my kids are well out of the baby/little kid stage, I am treating myself to more things that I deserve…like new makeup.

My dear friend Maria (who was my son’s former occupational therapist, and now is mom of two baby boys) encouraged me to try some new products from Younique, where she is a rep. Historically, I’ve been skeptical about higher-end makeup products, but now that I’m (gulp) past 40, I’m starting to see the benefit. Turns out that a little bit of good quality make-up goes a long way, especially when your exhausted shows on your face!

I bought a few products from the Younique line, including two of the “Lucrative Lipglosses” ($15) in coral-colored “Ladylike” and fire-engine red “Lethal.” I am really pleased with them–they go on smoothly and last all day without clumping. By the way, the eco-friendly packaging is very pretty, too.

Also, having seen a spot on the news recently about all the bacteria lurking inside of our old makeup brushes, I’m also seriously considering buying Younique’s complete brush set ($99) to make a clean start with my makeup this Spring.

Finally, friends of mine have tried and swear by Moodstruck Minerals Concealers ($29) and Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powders ($10 each, shown below):

If you’d like to purchase Younique products, you can do so via this link. Tell Maria that I sent you!

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