Baby Clothes Keepsake Quilt

IMG_6616I finally got around to having some of S’s baby clothing turned into a keepsake quilt. Actually, it was more like his toddler and preschool clothing, because I really did not want his adorable tiny clothing (like his newborn onesies) cut up into little pieces–I’ve saved some of those intact. ¬†Instead, I chose some of my favorites from when he was an “older” baby, plus some newborn accessories like personalized burpcloths and even his first crib sheet.

I am thrilled with how it turned out (I didn’t realize it would be so big….big enough that, as you can see, S. wants it to be his new bedspread). I love looking at each piece of the quilt and remembering the story behind it (see the blue and orange striped pajama fabric? Those were Baby Gap pajamas that his big sister wore as a toddler and then passed down to him). ¬†However, the Etsy seller who made this beautiful keepsake quilt is so indundated with orders already (even without any publicity) that she asked me not to name her here. But don’t worry….if you just do an Etsy search for “baby clothing quilt” you’ll find plenty of other sellers who make similar quilts. By the way, it’s also a lovely idea for your own “keepsake” clothing and fabrics—you could use anything from favorite college T-shirts to your grandmother’s scarves. The sky’s the limit!

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