Beach Toys That Treat The Beach Well


If you’re taking little ones to the beach this summer, check out these new Biodegradable Beach Toys by Zoe B Organic. There’s lots to love here: they are made from entirely from corn (wow) and, if washed away to sea, will fully break down in 2-3 years compared to 500 years for regular toys; each set (your choice of 2 colorways–turquoise with lime, or pink with orange) includes bucket, sifter/lid, shovel and 2 cups; and the bucket has built-in handles plus a sifting lid. Everything packs up neatly and you can use them in the bathtub off-season, too! Buy a set for $24.99 at Bumblebean, where all orders ship free (no code needed) through June 19th.

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