Flashback Friday: A Tooth Story

Editor’s Note: This was first published in February 2013. Last night, S. lost tooth #6 and, coincidentally, his big sis lost a tooth yesterday too. Check back next week for more information about the Tooth Fairy’s visit to both of my kids last night.

S. (age 6 1/2) lost his first tooth last week.  He woke up at 5:30am and nudged me in my sleep–“Mommy, my tooth is gone.”  He had no idea where it was.  I was worried he had swallowed it (no fun retrieving that one…) But, alas, we found it in the hallway.

I love how kids look with those toothless grins, but no such luck with S.  His new grown-up tooth had fully erupted even before its predecessor had gotten wobbly (same thing happened with his big sister’s top teeth–she never had a empty space there).

Here he is, the day his tooth fell out, with an early gift (Manhattan Toy Tooth Fairy Pal, $6.80 at Amazon.com) from the Tooth Fairy.  It’s a cute tooth pillow, but one caveat:  the pirate’s satchel doesn’t velcro shut so S. put a piece of scotch tape on it instead.

That night, the Tooth Fairy (ahem) left S. four quarters in the little pouch plus a little gift (Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Scratch Art Boards, $4.99 at Amazon.com). Plus a little note, which looks remarkably like what my handwriting looks like if I try to use my left hand instead.

A few days later, at my parents’ house in the ‘burbs, I got a keepsake idea for that first lost tooth.  My mom made this for me when I lost my two bottom teeth, apparently both on the same day.

I think I’ll do the same for S.

What are you favorite Tooth Fairy traditions?



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