Trend Alert: 5 Motifs at the 2014 National Stationery Show

Editor’s Note: I will be visiting my daughter at sleepaway camp this weekend and will resume posting next Monday.  Have a great weekend, everyone!  


One great pleasure of walking the aisles of the National Stationery Show is noticing certain themes and motifs that appear across many designers’ work. Here are some of my favorite examples from this past May’s show:

1) Cassette Tapes.  As our own media and entertainment options grow exponentially, many people of a certain age seem nostalgic for the old mix tapes:

Cassette Tape Notecard ($3.50) by Isabell’s Umbrella:



Cassette Tape Flat Notes ($12 for a box of 12) by Paper Trail:



Mom or Dad Rock Cassette Letterpress Card ($4.50) by Kiss and Punch:



2) Instagram and Texting.  For paper-philes and stationery designers, it was only natural that Instagram and texting would be skewered on paper.  

Letterpress Printed Friendship Greeting Card ($4.50) by Paper Bandit Press:


“Thx” card ($4.00) by Warren Tales:


“Texting Thanks Just Wasn’t Gonna Cut It.”  Didn’t get the designer on this one, sorry!



First World Problem Dog Coasters ($15) by Type Case Industries.


3) Siracha and/or Bacon.  Last year it was macarons.  This year, designers are celebrating everything spicy and smoked.

Have You Tried It? Letterpress Cards ($5) by Grey Moggie:


“You’re the Siracha to my Everything” by 9th Letter Press:


“Bringing Home the Bacon” Father’s Day Card by AzulineDesign:


“You’re Bacon Me Crazy” coaster (another press sample that wasn’t marked with the designer’s name…sorry).


4) Word Plays.  These are fun to send, especially when they’re a little risque.   

UnPhoGettable Birthday Card ($4.50) by Kiss & Punch:



Oh Phuket Letterpress Card by Pink Orchid Press:



5) Retro-style Fonts and Illustrations.  Not surprisingly, paper lovers happen to adore old-style pictures and typography.

“You’re a Gem” card ($5) by The Paper Cub Co.:


Hello? Hello? Hello? Letterpress Card ($4.50) by Steam Whistle Press:

Happy Divorce Letterpress Card ($5) by Ladypilot Letterpress:


Want to see more from the 2014 Stationery Show? Check out my picks for this year’s best kids’ stationery, gift wrap, and overall favorites (parts 1 and 2).

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