Kids’ Bathroom Update by Circo for Target

We’ve lived in our NYC apartment for nearly 10 years, and my kids share a bathroom.  It was renovated by the previous owners and has pretty white and blue tile and a ceiling that’s painted a dark sky blue with clouds. When we moved in, R. was just a year old and I chose this toddler-friendly animal-print bathroom set (shower curtain, bath rug, trash can, towels, etc.) from Kohl’ It worked well for many years as a gender-neutral bathroom for R. and her little brother.


Now that the kids are 8 and 11, though, I realized it was time for a more tween-frinedly update.  I wanted to redecorate with accessories that were still fun and colorful, but not as babyish.  So I was thrilled when I saw the following items at target, and in a one-time impulse buy, re-outfitted the bathroom’s linens and accessories. I bought the Circo Raindrop Shower Curtain in Blue ($19.99), Circo Fish Bath Rug ($19.99), Circo Chevron Hand Towels in True White ($9.99), and some other accessories like toothbrush holder and cup (available in-store only). I love how it turned out!


Plus, in keeping with the semi-nautical theme, I hung up one of S’s kindergarten artworks outside the bathroom door, on a wall that had always been bare.  It’s amazing how a little bit of framed artwork (even by a 5-year-old) can spruce things up.


What do you think of our bathroom’s mini-“redo”?

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