Zodiac Trinket Trays


I’ve noticed that zodiac-themed personalized gifts are gaining in popularity.  Whether or not the gift recipient really believes in astrology (not that there’s anything wrong with that, ahem), astrological sign gifts are a fun way to give something quasi-personalized (personally, I love Scorpio-themed gifts for myself).  Inkspot Workshop’s new lucite Skinny Clear Trinket Trays sport your sign in gold foil, on top of your birth’s sign unique color stripe.  And, of course, a few words to describe the classic personality traits of that sign (what are yours?)  And the size is perfect to use whether in your home office (for a stash of pencils) or your bedroom (a great catch-all for jewelry).  Keep these in mind for holiday gifts, too!  They cost $40 each at Inkspot Workshop.

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