Next Wimpy Kid

wimpy-kid-long-haulIf you’ve got a Wimpy Kid fan at home, you should know that the latest installment–Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul–has just been published. These books have been a godsend in my home since my daughter (an early but reluctant reader) will always read them no matter what (despite protesting “But I’m 11 now,” she couldn’t resist peeking into The Long Haul and read it in 2 nights flat before bed). And her 8-year-old bro, who’s reading fluently now (hooray!) despite some learning disabilities, may be picking this book up next. The plot of The Long Haul–a family road trip–is fairly predictable–but is every bit as fun as its predecessors. Bookmark this one as a holiday gift for school age kids! It costs under $8 in hardcover at

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