Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

christmas-eve-on-sesame-stIf you’re of a certain age, you may remember Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.   First airing in 1978, it is a much loved Sesame Street special where everyone is excited for the holidays until a question from Oscar to Big Bird (how does Santa fit through those skinny chimneys?) throws everything into a tailspin.  The hour-long special is filled with your favorite old-time characters (remember Mr. Hooper?), vintage footage of NYC, and some of the best Sesame music ever.  I remember watching this at age 6 and being particularly moved by the Ernie/Bert version of the “Gift of the Magi” storyline (watch and see).  It’s a holiday classic that isn’t often seen on TV anymore, but I guarantee you and your kids will love it.  You can buy it on DVD for $7.14 at

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