Giveaway: Remembering Princess Diana

dianagiveawayThis past Saturday would have been Princess Diana’s 56th birthday. In honor of her birthday–and anticipating the 20th anniversary of her death in August 1997–I am running a giveaway at my Instagram account, @RememberPrincessDiana. The prize is a $25 credit to my popular Ebay shop “RememberPrincessDiana”, featuring dozens of the prized books and magazines about Diana from 1981 to the present. Many of these items are now rare/hard-to-find and they’re all priced to sell (unfortunately I just don’t have the room to keep it all in my NYC apartment). Go enter the giveaway here–it’s easy! (p.s. All items shown in the collage above are available in my Ebay shop and could be purchased with this gift card).

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