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Have I mentioned that my 13yo daughter is an incredible baker? She makes some amazing photo-realistic cakes of everything from cheeseburgers to Hershey bars to Minecraft.  I’ll post the pictures another time.

In the meantime, when she (and I) don’t have enough time or energy to take on one of her full-day baking projects, we’re always looking for quicker ways to make sweet treats. While finding “healthier” version of baked goods isn’t high on her agenda, it is on mine. So I was happy to have the opportunity to try out Scratch & Grain baking mixes. Launched two years ago by a “mom-preneur” who secured a “Shark Tank” deal (!!!), Scratch & Grain makes high-quality, deliciously natural, organic, GMO-free baking kits that come with pre-measured, individually-packed ingredients. If you don’t have time (or inclination) to hunt down ingredients or measure them, this is for you. Also, they cost a reasonable $8 per box.

We got several mixes to try (including the confetti cupcakes and pumpkin bars shown above, which we are saving for a little later, including Halloween). But my daughter made the Sugar Cookie Mix with great success. They were easy to make, quick to bake, and tasted great (perhaps a bit granier and not as sweet as traditional sugar cookies, but that’s what I prefer anyway). Even though my daughter noticed that ingredients included flaxseed (“Yuck!”) neither of us tasted anything objectionable in the finished product.

By the way, there are gluten-free kits available, too, including a yummy Chocolate Truffle Cookie Kit. Check out all the options at Scratch & Grain.

Disclosure: I received product samples for purposes of this review. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions expressed are, as always, my own (well, and my daughter’s). 😉

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