Best Holiday Photo Cards at Minted (Plus Up to 20% Off Your Order)

It’s almost Thanksgiving which means it’s time to think holiday cards! I’ve ordered my holiday cards from Minted for several years now, and for good reasons:

  1. I am a paper snob and I love Minted’s superb paper quality and high-quality contemporary designs.
  2. Minted offers discounts and free perks like recipient addressing (which I took advantage of this year–what a time-saver.)
  3. Customer service is exceptional–this year Minted tweaked the font size on my card to look even better–free of charge.
  4. There are many types of holiday cards & greetings available including  “Happy Holidays” photo cards, Christmas photo cards, Hanukkah photo cards, and even non-photo holiday cards for the purists.

PLUS you will get Up to 20% off your Minted order via this link.

Here are some of my favorites.  Each sells for approximately $199 for 100 cards, but note that is BEFORE any discount and will also include free recipient addressing!

What Matters Most Holiday Photo Cards



Festive Watercolor Stripes Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards



Traditional Hanukkah Whimsy


Frosty Leaves Non-Photo Holiday Card





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