Cozy Clothes for the Holidays at Gymboree

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Growing up in NYC, my kids are used to cold, slushy days during the winter holidays (it used to snow more, but now….). So every winter I make sure I have the necessary winter boots and cold weather accessories for them.  But, at holiday time, we also like to indulge in new “cozy clothes”–items that are comfy, warm, or just plain fun to wear during winter vacation.  “Cozy clothes” can be anything from fluffy hoodies to warm one-piece pajamas to furry slippers. And they make great gifts when you’re done with fulfilling toy wish lists!

At our affiliate Gymboree, you can find lots of “cozy clothes” for your own family to enjoy this holiday season.  These clothes are both practical to wear throughout the winter and fun enough to be a novelty gift for the holidays. Note: all of the items below are on sale, for up to 80% off:


Girl’s Dessert Hooded Pajama 1-Piece




Girl’s Fuzzy Pullover





Boy’s Food Hooded Pajama 1-Piece 

Santa Slippers

The prices at Gymboree really can’t be beat right now (by the way, if you’re shopping for a baby gift these days, there are also a lot of cute clothes on sale).

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